Saturday looms large

Elín helped me hang the first round of exhibition pieces at Café Verde after work.  I was exhausted,, hungry, and covered in ash and kerosene from the day's prescribed fire...but it was still a magical time.  It was so cool to see my work on the walls, and also a bit surreal.

I think the final total will be around 20 pieces representing a pretty broad range of media and subject matter.  Three of the pieces are never-before-seen, made specifically for the show.  The exhibition will be called "Brains to Hands to Eyes."

Still on the to-do list:

- Hang 5 remaining pieces (the big ones...frames with glass)
- Get prints of a particular 2-page spread from the book.  Frame and hang.
- Make price list (very scary proposition, indeed)
- Other things that escape me now...and will probably remain elusive until 6:54pm on Saturday.