Art Battle post-game review

The LLIC Art Battle at Savoy was last night.  The 72-hours leading-up to the event was a mess of emails, changing venues, uncertainty, and pants-peeing; the event itself was a blast and surprisingly well-attended.

Heather, Cristina, and I were on an elevated stage off to the side of the main stage and were surprised to find we'd be painting a board whose shape could only immediately suggest some sort of marshmallow or cloud.  Inspiration was slow-coming and we spit-balled for about an hour, tossing around different ideas.  As 9 o'clock rolled-around, we decided to paint a portrait divided into 3, so we could each have an area to work on.  I started painting first and we just kinda rotated shifts...

...gin, vodka, whiskey, whiskey...

Is it already 1 am!?

The music had been bangin', the people were great (so many friends and co-workers showed-up), and the 15 teams participating had brought their C-or-better games.  The votes were tallied from the audience and...drum-roll...WE GOT 4TH PLACE!!  It was an awesome experience and I'm proud with what we put together.  All the pieces will be auctioned-off early next year.

I'm looking at another laaaaate night tonight and I have neither nap'd nor caffeinated.  Time to get something energetic.

Me, Cristina Mezuk, and Heather Herrera

(Can you guess which bit I did??? :-D)