Exhibition opening after-action review

What an amazing night!

Dinner with Elin and the fam at Seva in Ann Arbor followed by 2 hours of friends and family in a PACKED Cafe Verde.  The music was great and fit the occasion perfectly.   It was so touching to see so many people come out to support the show.   The family came from Rockford, the bro drove-in from Lansing, the dudes trekked it out from GR, and Bakerites (former housemates) & NAPpers (current workmates) made it out as well.  Elin also did an excellent job of promoting my event and got lots of her science folk away from their microscopes for the evening.

If you missed the opening of "Brains to Hands to Eyes", the artwork will be up through the first week in December, or so.  The exhibition has a little over 20 pieces hanging.  Here are the three pieces that I made specifically for the exhibition (also the crowd favorites, as far as I could tell)..

"God's Bear" 
16" x 20"  $475 (Signed/numbered prints available soon...price TBD)

16" x 20"  $475 (Signed/numbered prints available soon...price TBD)

"Welcome Home"
16" x 20"  $475 (Signed/numbered prints available soon...price TBD)

Thanks to Community Rebirth for arranging the whole thing, Cafe Verde for being such good sports, and Billy and Kyle for rocking so hard with that muzik.  More pictures to follow!