Art in the Park - Tecumseh, MI

 This event was brought to my attentions by a post on the Facebooks earlier in the spring.  I applied for a spot despite my reservations about having to pay a $100 booth-fee if accepted.  Happily, after the first day, I find myself comfortably in the black.  The community seems really supportive, and the attendance yesterday was great.    
 The organizers at Community Arts of Tecumseh are totally killing it with this event (their first).  The location is perfect, the event promotion was very strong, they've been really supportive, and the weather has been gorgeous.  I give them credit for all four.  I'm looking forward to spending one more day in the park and would love the opportunity to come back next year.
Can you spot 5 skydivers and one airplane?
One of the unexpected perks has been watching skydivers drift earthward all afternoon.  The park is adjacent to Skydive Tecumseh, and they must have been BUSY yesterday.  There were planes taking off constantly flying just overhead.  And then, a few minutes later, we could see little black dots against the clouds and blue sky.  Those dots grew larger, until we could clearly see parachutes with people (probably pooping their pants) dangling beneath.