Oil pastels

I can honestly say I haven't used oil pastels since graduating from high school.  I kinda fell in love with the things in my mid-late teen years because they were easy, fast, and the colors were incredibly vibrant (wait...we're still talking about pastels, right?).  Then I stopped, for some reason, and pretty much stuck to watercolor for the past 10 years or so.

Well, yesterday I broke out a set of Holbein pastels I bought a couple years ago (but had yet to use), and did this:
Goliath and the Shepherd  (16" x 20")

It was a blast to get back into these soft, oily crayons.  Also, it was pretty cool to be able to start and finish a piece on the same day...which almost never happens with aquarelle.  The background is a watercolor wash with white pastel over.  It's so nice to not have to worry about washes bleeding into finished areas...it's almost like oil and water don't mix.

There are definitely some things about this piece that need work, but it felt great to get re-acquainted an old flame from those halcyon days of youth.