Work in progress

Here I am. The artist (aspiring amateur) in his studio (kitchen).

My mum was very cool about letting me annex the kitchen table into my sphere of madness and creation during the weekdays; but, insisted that the table be cleared on the weekends lest "people come over and see this mess."

I mostly listened to NPR (104.1 WVGR) while illustrating "The Woodcutter." I also listened to a lot of MGMT, Sigur Rós, T.I., Frontier Ruckus, The Mighty Narwhale, Lupe Fiasco, and Kent.

There was a certain niceness to painting and drawing in the nerve-center of the house. I find I work much better if there is some sort of ambient noise or subtle commotion surrounding me whilst I labor.

The one flaw of my 'studio' is that the large, glass slider opens to the west; so, it can get difficult to manage the colors. On clear, sunny days the entire room is washed-out in blue light by midday. Trying to paint in the evening is impossible because sunset turns everything to salmon.

I was always most productive during grey, cloudy days. The soft, neutral light made for ideal working conditions.

The slider does provide a wonderful view of the bird feeder in our backyard. The accompanying birds, squirrels, wild turkeys, and groundhogs make for entertaining company throughout the seasons.