One more day...!

Tomorrow is the SCBWI-Michigan Spring Conference at Calvin College. Gotta say I'm a bit nervous. I was selected for a portfolio critique; so, I guess I'll just take my completed works and see what kinds of feedback I get. I'm not sure if I'll be over-extending myself with 39 pages in 15 minutes, but this is my first opportunity for any real criticism on the illustrations.

I'm trying to keep my expectations for the conference modest and realistic...but I confess an unfounded optimism. It feels like the conference will bring all the pieces together and everything will fall into place immediately: some publisher, agent, or editor will fall in love with my manuscript and illustrations on the spot and insist on publishing/printing within the month.

What I NEED to do is prepare myself to hear words like: "pedestrian," uninspired," and "unpublishable."