The grind

Just finished painting page 25 of the new book. I might take a break tomorrow to focus on some of the less-creative aspects of this artist/author/illustrator life (taxes, shipping orders out, website stuff, taxes, TAXES).

I ain't even mad tho: motivation is still high, and there's plenty of chocolate milk in the fridge. Here's a glimpse of the last few days.
WIP + love for my corporate sponsors (not actually)  
A quick word about gear, if I may: I've definitely fallen out-of-love with my stockpile of Pigma Microns. I've amassed a rather impressive arsenal since my "Woodcutter" days, but I think the time has come to transition towards pens can I say...don't start inexplicably leaking all over the work? So, let me introduce you to my lusty new partner: Copic Multiliner.

What I like:
  • Refillable (less plastic waste - BAM)
  • Replaceable tips 
  • Aluminum barrel
  • Water-based pigment ink - archival, waterproof, lightfast
  • and lastly...LEAK-PROOf
So, as my dear Microns rupture, one by one, I will replace them with various sizes of Multiliners.