Beer label - BIG DUTCH

A few weeks ago, my cousin floated the idea of me designing a beer label. A colleague was turning 60, and to mark the occasion, he was going to brew a batch of beer, to be named "Big Dutch."  I'd never designed a beer label before, but the project intrigued me and it seemed like a good challenge (not to mention a nice element to have in my portfolio).  He gave me full latitude in designing the label, which was much appreciated.  I used an iPad app called ProCreate to whip-up a first draft:

Having gotten the composition worked-out, I got the paper and watercolors out, and ended-up moving away from the enormous naked guy:

A beer brewed with Steenstra's windmill cookies.  Mmmmmmm 
 I love the way the tulips and brickwork turned-out.  This was a really fun illustration project, and I would definitely not shy away from doing more beer labels in the future.  With the incredible popularity of craft brewing in Michigan, I'm sure the opportunities are out there.