Product Review: Factis Tri-42 Eraser

Whilst in Vienna Elin, Tryggvi, and I took a trip to an art supply mega store called Boesner.  They had it ALL.  Knowing full-well I'd have to pack all my purchases into my already-hefty luggage, I showed some restraint in my shopping.  I snagged some sketchbooks, a pencil sharpener, and a couple erasers.  It's the erasers I'd like to talk about right now, in a first-ever product review on this blog(!).  

Factis has come out with a real game-changer, here: the Tri-42.  It's never been so easy, or such a joy, to vanish one's mistakes.  The hardness checks in at a relatively soft 42 degrees shore A, but this baby is all business when push comes to rub.  I'm usually not one for the fancy bells-and-whistles, but the rounded corners on this thing (three, by my count) allow for a degree of precision and control hitherto unknown by this humble artist.  The action on the soft rubber is silky smooth with excellent absorption and no skipping or smearing.  The grit clears easily from both drawing surface and semi-moist hands.

Seen here with rubber of lesser repute.
Pros: The most fun you can have with a scalene triangle with your clothes on.
Cons: you'll probably have to go to Europe to get them.  Or have the internet.