Who wants to win a book???

Let's try something!  Together!

This being the first year of publication for The Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree, it's important for me to do as much as possible to market it as much as possible to get into the hands of as many people  as possible.  Next year she's gonna be old news, and I'll be trying to put more of my focus into other book ideas I've got kicking around.

So!  Here's where you can have a chance to get a copy of the book for free!!  Actually, howzzabout 3 of you wonderful people get a free book each??

The Skinny:

Everyone who writes and posts Amazon.com review for the The Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree before midnight, September 25th will be entered into a drawing to win one of three signed, personalized copies of the book. 

I'll contact you 3 lucky ducks shortly after the deadline to discuss particulars (book signage, shipping address, etc.).  But just in case, be sure to check back here in the days following the deadline for updates and announcements.  For the winners, it could make a versatile Christmas gift (bath mat, cheese board, dietary supplement in the lean winter months [you would have to eat 30 bowls of Total to get the fiber found in just the first 3 pages of this book]).  But if you'd rather share it with some young ones in your life, I'd recommend this book for all children up until...4th grade or so.

Anyway, here's a link to the Amazon page for the book if you're interested.  Good luck!  And Thanks :-D