You can buy the book on Amazon now!

I recently joined Amazon Advantage, a system offered to independent publishers who would like to see their work sold on  Amazon.  Here's a link to The Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree!

Advantage is a relatively easy system to sign-up for and use:

1.) Make an account
2.) Add an item (media)
3.) Amazon places orders
4.) Print shipping label
5.) Send to Amazon

Amazon will then either send you a check or deposit funds directly into your account each month as your items sell.  As an independently published author/illustrator, it's really nice to have access to a market as big as Amazon.  I've mostly stayed away from trying to get my book into the large chain stores (B&N, Borders) for a few reasons (poor sales outlook, books getting leafed-through and damaged), so it's so nice to have online distribution aside from my charming, but super-tiny, website.

So please, check it out on Amazon.  And if you're feeling super-generous and would like to write yourself into my heart forever and ever, please feel free to write a review (good, bad, or ugly...just let 'em know what you think :-)).