End of March ALREADY?!

Where DOES the time go??  It seems like I have been too preoccupied with book related things(school visits, mailings, promotions, and the like) that I've had very little time to create anything new.  That changed last week when I sat down and wrote the rough (and I mean ROUGH) draft of a new story tentatively entitled "The Most Beautiful Tree Saves the Day."  I also just started painting a piece that I has been outlined and ready to go for, oh, let's say...5 weeks?  It feels so good to be working on a piece again.  

Over the past few weeks, I've had a few school visits and a book signing event.  Here's a picture from the latter:

Robb N. Johnston "The Woodcutter and The Most Wonderful Tree."  Fantastic!

Aaaaand, here's my favorite art teacher!  Mr. V, with his new book "Eye Can Find That!"!!  How crazy is it that I was signing books in the same store, at the same time, as my childhood mentor...?

VERY crazy.  :-D