Elementary schools...

are kinda surreal when you enter them as an adult for the first time.

I did a school visit to promote/share The Woodcutter and The Most Beautiful Tree at Great Lakes Elementary in the West Ottawa School District.  It was a particularly January-y morning, and I slipped on the ice in the driveway and banged-up a knee and a palm.  I figured the tone had pretty much been set for the day.

I was so wrong.  The school visit was awesome.  The teachers were super-helpful and supportive, and the kids were just amazing.  They joined-in during the reading and asked some really good questions.  I talked a little bit about my process of writing, illustrating, and publishing; then, we did a mini PowerPoint presentation of some other art/illustration, and a little drawing exercise together.  It was a riot.  A BIG thanks to my sister, Ms. (Selina) Johnston for inviting me to her school and a shout-out to the teachers and kids (mostly 4th grade...maybe a 3rd grade class as well) at Great Lakes Elementary!!!  You guys were awesome guinea pigs.

I was pretty upbeat walking back to the car, only to find I'd left the headlights on.  Sooooo, I had to get a jump to get out of the school parking lot.  Awesome :-)

Pics from the day to follow.