Art that spinz is art that winz

As you may or may not be aware, sweet reader, I have been playing bicycle polo since the beginning of 2010.  I have a nice, solid road bike with a lugged steel frame and a price tag that makes it bearable to see her pummeled and battered two times a week.  Here's a cool site with some general info about the sport.

The frame is pretty-much bomb-proof and the components have mostly been stripped away, leaving just the bare essentials.  However, The wheels are where I've been having most of my problems.  Collisions and polo balls into (and sometimes through) my spokes have necessitated the acquisition of numerous cheap steel and alloy wheel-sets.  So!  When I came across a sheet of corrugated plastic...I knew just the purpose to put it towards: wheel covers!  A few guys that play bike polo in Ann Arbor have been rolling with them and I've always imagined the artistic possibilities that might be waiting to be explored.  So, I cut the sheet to size (I have 27" wheels on my polo bike) which happened to yield four-24" discs.  I did the first 3 in sharpies of various colors and, for the fourth, I decided to try some spray paint. I'd never used spray paint for any sort of artistic purpose, but I really like the effect I was able to get.  Here are the two I have on my front wheel:



The other two are still being considered.  I don't think I want them on my back here's an idea!

!!!WHEEL COVER GIVEAWAY!!! If you "regularly" play bike polo in Ann Arbor, came to my blog, and managed to read this far, post a comment for this entry!  Whoever posts first gets both covers!  Howzzat?!  

Here they are!  



Good luck!