Portfoli o' pieces

I am not sure if these are portfolio-caliber material, but they should give you a basic idea of where I'm heading. Here they are:

I've hit on a style that I think works pretty well as far as illustrating kids. The large heads, cartoony facial features, and finely detailed bodies aren't overly complicated, but they allow for a great deal of freedom in expressing movement and emotion. I would like to include some samples of other designs in my portfolio as well.

I need to work on including different perspectives in my portfolio. Both of these pieces just look very "flat" to me. They are also both in watercolor, which has become my medium of choice over the past couple years. I'd like to do some pieces in colored/b&w pencil, collage, oil pastel, and possibly acrylic.

My next portfolio pieces will focus on animals (definitely a weakness at this point). Hopefully I'll get those finished in a couple of weeks...as opposed to the month it took me to do the two you see here.