We're making a difference!

(This post is from an update sent to backers of the CRAVES Kickstarter)

Exciting news! I have been working with Baraga County's "Communities that Care" program to get copies of CRAVES to as many of their students as possible. Baraga CTC is an awesome organization that focuses on creating healthy, vibrant communities by empowering, supporting, and connecting their youth, families, and schools. The folks I've been in contact with are incredibly passionate about their mission, and it's an honor to be able to support them in any way I can.

Yesterday I did a marathon signing session and rocked-out 1360 signed copies of CRAVES, all boxed-up and heading to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula this weekend.

The Sharpie gave out before my hand did :)

The Sharpie gave out before my hand did :)

I'll be doing a 5-day whirlwind trip to the UP and back in early November, visiting schools in Marquette, Baraga, and Ontonagon counties. I'm so excited to share the book with students and spread our message of making healthy choices. 

More updates to follow, but I just wanted to share this awesome little bit of news with you all, because without your support this never would have been possible. So again, because I can never say it enough: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  :)