Tattoo design...and it became an actual tattoo!

My aunt Amy commissioned a tattoo design last summer. Over the course of a dinner, she described her vision: sun with a face, mandala patterns, not overly complex, and about 2" diameter. I tinkered with it on and off during the summer and fall:

and sent her this design in December: 

She responded with: "Oh Robb!!! This is IT! <3 Yaay!!!" It's pretty awesome when you can take someone's idea and transform it into something they can actually see. She went to the tattoo shop recently and walked out with this:

Pretty cool! She combined some of the facial features of the earlier design with the simplicity of the second. I really like the addition of stippling (a specialty of the tattoo artist); I think it's awesome how our two styles combined so effectively to create this wonderful piece.