ArtPrize 7 Work-in-Progress

I've begun work on my entry for this year's ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids (Sept. 23rd - Oct. 11th). I'll be using homemade black walnut ink on Arches 140 lb. hot-press watercolor paper.

Portraits from the Arbor

Portraits from the Arbor

Once all the ink work is finished, it'll be time to head into the forest to collect mushrooms for the spore prints! I'm so excited to be hosted by Palatte Coffee & Art this year. I think it will be the perfect venue for ArtPrize attendees to reflect upon, and connect with, the art on display.  

More info on my ArtPrize 7 entry, Portraits from the Arbor.

Here's some info about my venue, Palatte Coffee & Art