Hey, it's February! Feel like writing a book review?

I have a little something of a goal for this month, and you, gentle reader, can help me achieve it.

My goal:

Reach 25 Amazon reviews for LELANI and THE PLASTIC KINGDOM

That means I'm looking for just (as of this writing) 19 people to write an honest review of the book before March (National Reading Month, duh!)! Aside from sharing the book with those around you, book reviews are really one of the best avenues for this wee, little book to gain attention. If you liked the art, found the story to be compelling, or appreciated the message of reducing plastic pollution in our environment, please help spread the word. 

If you're reading this, chances are you've been a supporter of this book from the beginning, and without you this book would not have had a chance. It's YOUR book, it's OUR book (I still get kinda delirious when I think about that). If you're as proud of this book we've put together as I am, I hope you'll take a few moments to share it :)