CRAVES is a special book because of what happens after the story. Here are some discussion questions and activities to help readers really explore and connect with the themes of the book (cravings, addiction, making healthy choices, etc.).

Discussion Questions:

  • Does everyone have a CRAVE?

  • Can a person have more than one CRAVE?

  • Are all CRAVES bad?

  • What are some healthy CRAVES?

  • What are some unhealthy CRAVES?

  • Can your CRAVES change over time?

  • Can CRAVES get bigger?

  • Can CRAVES get smaller?

  • Can CRAVES disappear?

  • Is it wrong to have CRAVES?

  • Does everyone have the same CRAVES?

Personal Reflections:

  • What are my healthy CRAVES?

  • What are my unhealthy CRAVES?

  • How often do I feed my CRAVES?

  • How big are my CRAVES?